#4 - Committed to equality, inclusion and development for all our employees

Acting to strengthen equality, insertion, inclusion and professional development within the Apave Group

To build a sustainable future, Apave relies on the expertise and diversity of its teams. Apave works for greater inclusion, well-being and solidarity within the group, so that each employee can develop with commitment and pride.

Apave is pursuing its commitments in terms of the feminization of its Business activities, the development of its employees' skills, and accessibility for people with disabilities.

""Our commitments

  • Eliminating discrimination

  • Fight against sexist behavior in the workplace and all forms of discrimination
  • Welcoming disabled employees
  • Increasing the number of women at Apave in management positions and in all Business activities




  • Develop skills and training programs, and encourage internal mobility and training.


  • Guarantee ethics and non-corruption by training all employees

""Our objectives

  • 27%  women in management positions
  • +20 hours  of training per year for each employee
  • 100%  hours of training per year for each employee


No successful, sustainable transitions

without trust and security