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Industrial Goods & Manufacturing

Apave's experts can help you make your production facilities and equipment more reliable, secure your sites, and integrate risk management into all your projects.

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Feedback from REEL Group
(industrial lifting systems and handling equipment)

Within REEL, we had just introduced the principle of reporting information following dangerous situations. This feedback was based on paper tickets, which were pre-filled, impractical and often lost by the teams. We had to find other alternatives to "loose paper".
At the same time, we were undergoing our ISO 45001 certification.. The deployment of a hazardous situation management application such as Avert In one, a modern and innovative solution, was seen as a very positive point by our auditors for the renewal of our certification.

Thierry Renaud - REEL Group
Thierry Renaud
Occupational Health and Safety Manager - REEL Group


Risk management and security are key drivers for the development of renewable energies on a global scale.

Globalisation and the increase in energy consumption are pushing players in the energy sector to develop new production and consumption systems that are more respectful and decarbonised, to invent the world of tomorrow.

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Feedback from HDF Energy (Hydrogen)

We were assisted by Apave for the West Guiana Power Plant (CEOG) project. 3 points stand out from our collaboration with Apave:

- Simplicity in execution and collaboration
- Determination in exchanges and demonstrations with the authorities
- Professionalism and rigour in all aspects of the project 

As this project was a world first, it was a pleasure to work with an APAVE team that was particularly motivated by this pioneering project.  All together, we were aware that we were contributing to a paradigm shift in energy production!

Charlie Desmoulins HDF Energy
Charlie Desmoulins
Operations Director - HDF Energy


Producers of electrical energy or fuels, research centres, arms manufacturers, nuclear service providers, you operate in an international environment where controlling the risks associated with your activity is fundamental.



The infrastructure sector is a real driver of global economic growth and prosperity. Investment in quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure is necessary to foster economic development and the well-being of populations. With the evolution of technologies and materials, the safety of goods and people must remain the major challenge for the actors of the sector. 

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Feedback from Sercel (Seismic acquisition)

Our partnership with Apave is now taking shape with the launch of AP'Structure, which includes our S-lynks solution. The ageing of civil infrastructures caused by natural and human phenomena requires constant attention to their health. Sercel, whose core business is based on the design of very high precision seismic acquisition systems and sensors, has all the assets to meet the challenges linked to the predictive maintenance of structures. 

Emmanuelle Dubu - CEO Sercel
Emmanuelle Dubu
CEO - Sercel


The construction sector is one of the world's leading economic activity sectors. Investors, public and private contracting authorities, asset managers, developers and operators, we are at your side throughout the life cycle of your buildings to meet the new technical, technological and environmental challenges.


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Some ITGH references in Vietnam: Sunshine City, Lotte Center Hanoi, Vietcombank Tower


The players in the sector are facing major challenges, in particular the need to make the turn towards green mobility while reducing their environmental impact at a time when the urbanisation of goods and people is ever more pressing. Facing tomorrow's challenges while taking into account safety and risk management issues.


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Food & Beverage

Reinventing ourselves for a more sustainable world is a major challenge for players in the sector who are faced with growing demand and must limit the impact of production on the environment as much as possible. Apave's experts develop tailor-made responses to meet local regulatory requirements throughout the food industry's value chain.


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Even though world production will have fallen by more than 20% by 2024, the players in the sector are facing major changes, driven by the new technologies integrated into the production chains, the evolution of standards and the need to produce cleaner vehicles.

The objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions has a strong impact on the sector, which is also facing the arrival of new entrants to the market offering new production and sales models.

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Consumer Goods & Retail

There are many challenges to be met in this sector, which must not only face up to the need for proximity and security but also offer a unified and differentiating digital experience. The transformation of the sector is imperative and must involve strategic and technological innovation to meet the new expectations of consumers.


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Feedback from Kronenbourg (brewer)

In order to renew the regulatory "General Principles of Prevention" (GPP) training course, which was considered boring by the Kronenbourg trainees, we launched a call for tenders for an "attractive, fun, interactive and up-to-date training course, covering all the risks present in the company in one day". This created a buzz in the company and a real expectation among employees. The managers are also convinced of the usefulness of this module in terms of prevention.

Assembly Line Kronenbourg
Joël Herr
Contract Manager - Kronenbourg

Health & Medical/Social

Nearly 8 billion people with very different access to healthcare.
Improving the health of the population through a risk prevention policy (environmental, behavioural, etc.), implementing appropriate care strategies and optimising the patient experience by digitalising processes and services, particularly online self-care services, is Apave's challenge in the health and medical-social sector.

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The organisation of the site for the production, promotion and distribution of medicine in Megrine-Tunis supplies the main therapeutic areas: Diabetes and Cardiovascular, General Medicine, Rare Diseases, Vaccines and Consumer Health.
Our Tunis site has 400 employees every day and it was important for us to ensure the effectiveness of the sanitary measures we have put in place. It was only natural that we turned to Apave to implement the Safe & Clean Label.

Kais Landoulsi Sanofi Tunisia
Kais Landoulsi
Industrial Affairs Department - SANOFI Tunisia

Public services & Communities

Nearly 20,000 municipalities, urban communities, inter-communal syndicates, chambers of trade and crafts, chambers of commerce and industry, French public health insurance body, high schools and colleges, prefectures, accredited agency for the collection of training funds, regions and departments, social funders and regional environmental departments trust Apave throughout France and its overseas territories.

Telecoms & Digital

The mission of telecom and digital sector players is to maintain essential activities and ensure consitnuous use by deploying and routing a reliable network.
Apave provides you with recognised expertise in risk management to check the compliance of your technical installations with standards and your own specifications and to monitor your sites.


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Service companies, which are undergoing major changes, need to differentiate themselves now more than ever. Apave responds to their challenges by offering advice and technical support, guaranteeing their processes through certification and saving time on sites so they can concentrate on their core business.


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Many businesses, craftsmen and self-employed people place their trust in us on a daily basis. From fire safety on premises, to technical assistance for project management, to training in risk management, Apave supports all of the players who make up the majority of the French economic fabric in their daily work.