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Apave India, a subsidiary of the international Apave Group, is a company specialising in inspection, certification and training in industrial safety, environment and quality. It offers a full range of services to help companies ensure regulatory compliance, improve performance and reduce risk. With its technical expertise in risk management, Apave India has become a reference for companies looking for reliable solutions to ensure the safety and quality of their activities. Apave India is present in various industrial sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, energy, defence, food processing and many others, with services adapted to the specific needs of each.

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Apave India ? 

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Our customer relationship approach

Apave is the right choice for clients who are looking for a trusted company with a solid international reputation. The loyalty and trust of our clients is a testament to our commitment to providing quality services. Apave constantly strives to exceed your expectations in terms of safety and compliance.
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Our competitive prices

Our teams are committed to responding quickly to your requests by offering quality services at competitive prices. All of our service rates can be adapted to your needs.
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Our core values

Our group is built on strong values: customer focus, independence, professionalism, and integrity and respect. These values help shape our culture and work environment and ensure that our employees all work towards the same goals. These values are embedded in all of our processes, from staff training to service delivery, ensuring quality services.