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Control and maintenance of industrial goods

Industrial goods, engineering materials and product forms are the building blocks of an industrial facility.  Soundness of the materials and product forms in terms of the required chemical composition, physical & mechanical properties, homogeneity, etc. is crucial for their performance avoiding premature failures resulting in accidents, plant or machinery breakdown, thus significantly impacting the safety of personnel, environment, economy and reputation.

Apave in India supports you throughout the operation of your facilities, inspecting your equipment and working alongside you to anticipate any malfunctions.

Your key issues

The factory or plant owner normally works with a small team of quality control engineers and therefore expects the goods received to be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they conform to the purchase order specification, ensuring 100% compliance. The use of specified technical materials, correct manufacturing, testing and inspection methods, good engineering practices, etc. are essential to ensure that the plant operates safely throughout its life and beyond, maximising return on investment.

When you call on Apave, you meet your key challenges:

  • Avoiding non-conformities
  • Reducing operational failures
  • Preventing plant shutdowns
  • Saving time for your operational teams
  • Optimising return on investment

Our solutions


Shop inspection


Shop inspection also referred as “Source Inspection” helps to identify and remove anomalies or non-complying materials and products at their source itself.  Removal of a defective steel plate eliminates a defective pipe made of the steel plate.  Thus, control of the raw material quality results in sound products and subsequently assemblies and facilities. The quality of materials and products are ensured through verification of manufacturing facilities, witnessing the manufacturing process and testing, verification of personnel competencies, dimension verification, coating & packing verification etc.


Apave in India offers authentic verification and inspection services by well qualified competent inspectors and auditors:

  • Independent First-Party Inspection
  • Independent Second-Party Inspection
  • Independent Third-Party Inspection
  • Manufacturing Facility Certification


Many companies depend on suppliers for raw materials, semi-finished or finished products and the quality of these products. To obtain the quality characteristics required of suppliers, and the lead times required for raw or semi-processed materials, it is important to monitor suppliers. In the offshore sector, Apave in India is able to carry out worldwide vendor inspection.


Site Inspection


Construction of installations normally takes place at the installation site itself or fabrication yards from where they are transported to installation sites at onshore or offshore locations. Materials and products used for construction, equipment, consumables etc. received at the site are subjected to quality and quantity checks , stored, prepared and processed for construction. During the construction process, components and assemblies are tested, inspected and cleared for further construction activities. Every stage of construction is critical to the integrity and smooth operation of finished plant or facility and hence compliance with the project specifications, codes & standards and good engineering practices shall be ensured.


Our experienced and competent engineering and inspection team with their proficiency certified by various national & international technical societies such as ASNT, AWS, CSWIP, API, NACE etc. assist clients to ensure 100% compliance with project specifications resulting in a reliable plant or facility.

Our experienced and competent engineering and inspection team with their proficiency certified by various national & international technical societies such as ASNT, AWS, CSWIP, API, NACE etc. assist clients to ensure 100% compliance with project specifications resulting in a reliable plant or facility.


Apave in India offers:

  • Engineering reviews – Structural, process, E & I, Piping, Mechanical
  • Site quality monitoring at various phases of execution
  • Services required during pre-commissioning and commissioning start up
  • Verification of compliance to safety, quality and regulatory requirements to obtain insurance of assets
  • Field safety surveillance, monitoring and safety audits
  • Integrity verification and fitness certification

In-Services Inspection


Plant structures, static & dynamic equipment, piping etc. made of steel and other metals undergo time-dependent damages such as deterioration due to corrosion, erosion etc. necessitating their detection to estimate the extent & rate of damage. Damage mechanisms are then identified for taking appropriate mitigative measures to prevent failures, accidents, and unplanned shutdowns. Safe operation and performance of the plant is dependent on the timely detection of anomalies and maintenance. In-service inspection helps to detect anomalies and acquire data required for repair, maintenance, and integrity assessment.


Apave in India offers:

  • Technical services for review of inspection & Testing procedures
  • Verification of NDT data
  • Plant Inspection
  • Shutdown Inspection
  • In-service inspection of static equipment & Piping

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Pipeline inspection
NDT Inspection

NDT uses special equipment and methods to learn (variations in structure, minute changes in surface finish, and the presence of cracks or other physical discontinuities, to measure the thickness of materials and coatings and to determine other characteristics about the object) without harming the object.

Choosing the right method and technique is an important part of performing NDT to maximize the “Probability of Detection”. Apave in India help you with all your NDT projects.

Control and maintenance of infrastructures and buildings

The construction industry faces a number of challenges: reducing its energy and environmental footprint, supporting urban change and integrating technological transformations. To ensure the safety of your construction projects, while controlling your risks and optimising your performance, Apave's experts in India are with you every step of the way.


CPR in live workshop
Control and maintenance of pressure equipment

In the industrial context, pressure equipment is of crucial importance, both for the safety of installations and the performance of processes. Manufacturing, oil, chemical and other industries rely heavily on pressure equipment to ensure the continuity of their operations. Managing pressure equipment involves major challenges in terms of safety and compliance with regulatory standards. The potential risks of industrial accidents causing environmental damage and negatively impacting human safety. Apave in India carries out regular inspections, compliance assessments and risk analyses to ensure the proper operation and safety of pressure equipment.


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