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Our training programs provide you with the skills and knowledge to improve the safety, reliability and quality of your operations. Whether you are an experienced professional or a novice, we have courses tailored to all levels to help you meet the challenges of your industry. Control the risks of your industries such as automotive, electrical, NDT welding and more ... with training from Apave India.


Your key issues

One of the main challenges faced by organisations today is the need for regulatory compliance. Governments and regulatory bodies are imposing stricter and stricter standards to ensure workplace safety and mitigate the human risk of activities. In addition, employers have the responsibility of safeguarding their human capital, by helping reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries which can be achieved by training the workforce to identify potential hazards, implement preventive measures, and respond effectively in the case of an accident. 

Our solutions

In-person training


To help organisations protect their human and physical capital, Apave in India provides a selection of training solutions to help you and your employees comply with relevant local and international regulations, while ensuring the safety of people and property. Our range of training programmes aim to help you improve the safety measures within your organisation and thus reduce workplace accidents improving the overall well-being of your workforce while reducing associated costs and enhancing your image.


  • Asbestos

  • Building & civil engineering

  • Electricity

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Energy and energy transition

  • Environment, quality and industrial risks

  • Equipment under pressure (ESP)

  • Explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

  • Fire

  • Lifting & Handling

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • Nuclear

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Production Industrial Maintenance

  • Radiation protection PCR

  • Scaffolding

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

  • Welding

  • Working at heights

  • Specific agrifood trainings

The training services can be provided to the customers who are non-potential clients to us and the following can be covered during trainings.

- Scheme requirements

- Documentation requirements

- How to prepare before third party audit

- Training of the staff for internal audit


  • Organic Certification

    • India Organic (NPOP)

This training module provides information about India Organic also known as National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). One can get knowledge about the modules under which NPOP certification is possible along with certification requirements for specific module. Any person who is willing to sell the organic product in domestic or export market should be aware about NPOP requirements.

  • USDA-NOP - Organic Certification Scheme: Requirements of crop production, handling and export

This module covers the requirements pertaining to applicability of the certification scheme, organic production and handling requirements, product composition, labelling requirements and certification procedure. Any farmer, manufacturer, exporter who is willing to export organic products to USA can attend this training.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Certification schemes

    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Rainforest alliance
    • SAI FSA (Farm Sustainability Assurance)
  • Food Safety

    • HACCP - Basic Principles of HACCP

One can get knowledge about key concept and principles of HACCP food safety system by attending this training program. Training is provided by well qualified and approved trainer. After training, you will be able to develop the HACCP Plan for food business. Any person who is involved in food business must attend this program.

  • ISO22000 / FSSC22000





In addition to in-person training at one of our many training centres in the country, Apave provides customers with top of the range digital 3D training, thanks to its wholly-owned subsidiary Trainor. This type of training provides customers with accessibility and flexibility, as customers no longer need to be in the vicinity of an Apave training centre in order to meet their training needs, eliminating the need for sometimes costly and time-consuming travel. These engaging training courses provide a standardised approach which ensures consistency in training delivery and content.


Having developed its first e-learning in 1996, our subsidiary Trainor is now a renowned EdTech company providing high quality e-learning courses in top of the line 3D environments.

  • Electrical safety

  • Explosive atmospheres

  • Hotworks

  • Digital security

  • Electromagnetic fields

  • First aid

Focus on our

Welding and non-destructive testing trainings

Apave offers a range of cutting-edge welding and non-destructive testing (NDT) training courses to ensure that your employees - whether beginners or experts - develop their welding skills, qualify them to meet the technical and regulatory requirements imposed on you, and choose and apply the various NDT methods.

Practical welding:

  • Electric arc welding
  • Drawing up and checking a welding logbook
  • TIG welding (Advanced)
  • Practice electro-welding on polyethylene (PE) pipes
  • Practising capillary brazing and/or solder-brazing
  • Discover the practice of welding


Metallurgy and welding technology:

  • International Welding Technologist (IWT)
  • Acquire the fundamentals of the metallurgy of metallic materials
  • Option for non-ferrous materials
  • Understanding welding technology and its organisation within the company
  • International Welding Specialist (IWS)


Non-destructive testing:

  • Recognise and understand conventional non-destructive testing methods
  • Visually inspect welded assemblies
  • Take ultrasonic thickness measurements on metallic materials


Corrosion Protection:

  • Corrosion evaluation and material selection

Study on environmental conditions (soil resistivity, humidity, and exposure to salt water on various types of materials), type of product to be processed, handled, or transported, required lifetime of structure or component, identification of type and extent of corrosion damage etc. are some of the important factors considered for determining the causes of deterioration and finding a solution for prevention and control of corrosion. Selection of the most suitable material for any specific application is considered as one of the most important aspects of controlling corrosion.  Methodology used for selection of material is discussed in this course.

  • Material failures and case studies

Material failure occurs due to various factors related to design, operating and process conditions. Corrosion failures in valves, pipelines, pipes, and non-metallic material etc. are discussed in this program.

  • Coating system selection and application

Types and uses of various protective coating systems, their application, and associated quality control, identify, and use instruments commonly used in coating inspection, identification of applicable standards, recommended practices and documentation requirements as per the quality plan etc. are discussed in this program.

  • Coating failures and case studies

Coating failure causes can be due to improper coating system, application, and inspection during & after coating application. A few case studies occurred on offshore platform construction, tank, and pipeline etc. and various types of failures including cathodic disbondment are discussed.

  • Material protection methods and standards

Material protection aspects related to design, material used, methods such as cathodic protection, coating, use of corrosion inhibitors etc. will be discussed with applicable international standards requirements.

  • Cathodic protection design and case studies

Design of CP systems (sacrificial, impressed current) in a variety of industry applications including storage tanks, marine structures and pipelines are discussed in this program.


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Consulting & technical support

Consulting and technical support play a crucial role in project management. It involves planning, advising, conceptualising, and implementing solutions taking into consideration industry expertise and best practices to help organisations to improve the quality and result of the projects they are implementing. 

Apave's technical teams in India are experienced and qualified to guide you through all your projects: from small installations to mega-projects integrated through several phases, from the design phase to the final commissioning phase, while dealing with all the design, engineering, quality, safety, sustainability and environmental aspects of the project.


Certifying and labelling

Ensure the quality of your management systems, buildings, products and services with Apave India certification. Our team of experts can help you with your certification process to ensure compliance with the most demanding international standards. Trust our expertise to strengthen the reliability and performance of your business.


Control and maintenance of infrastructures and buildings

The construction industry faces a number of challenges: reducing its energy and environmental footprint, supporting urban change and integrating technological transformations. To ensure the safety of your construction projects, while controlling your risks and optimising your performance, Apave's experts in India are with you every step of the way.


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Our group is built on strong values: customer focus, independence, professionalism, and integrity and respect. These values help shape our culture and work environment and ensure that our employees all work towards the same goals. These values are embedded in all of our processes, from staff training to service delivery, ensuring quality services.